Sunday, May 26, 2013

I should have been posting some cards but ~~~

instead I have been obsessing over getting the header of the page to be the correct size and centered.... it has been driving me crazy From Millan.Netever since I upgraded to the new blogger a long, long time ago.

I am the same way with furnishings (ask my DH, as he has to help me move the furniture until the room is balanced) and I didn't realize it but I need to do the same with cards as well, not that balance is bad, but it seems it has to be to be a part of my creativity.

For example, check out this card, there is a great sense of balance that I needed to do before I completed it.

You can see the dets (coming soon) on my Steampunk page!

Unfortunately, no one will see this card in their mailbox, as I spilled water all over it and other card right after I took the pics, boo-hoo, I really liked it... Although I did salvage the wings, so we shall see what becomes of them.

Happy Stampin' Yappers!