Saturday, April 14, 2012

I started this card a over a week ago....

when I was having the NW weather "blues" and all that went through my head was the children's song "RAIN, RAIN GO AWAY", but before I could finish the card, the weather changed last weekend.

I spent the whole weekend outside and wanted to do so much in the yard, start the garden and pull every single weed I could find.   As you can guess, that did't happen,  but I got some of it done and some great ideas for garden art and new plants.

I did finish the card and here it is!

Most of the supplies are tired so I won't add a list of them, but I have to tell you the hardest part of this card was tying to make the sentiment.

I used the Calendar Alphabet and Numbers set, but not even the Stamp-a-majig could help me get the letters to line up as a circle.  It is not perfect but I had to finally give up!


Thanks for Yappin' bout Stampin' with me.