Thursday, June 6, 2013

Introducing two new pages to my blog....

Hey all you Yappers,

I have added 2 new pages to my blog, From Millan.Net to give you better access to the newest news on a couple of the super on going specials through out the catalog year.

1) Check out the 25th Anniversary Monthly Stamp Set Page by selecting the page above.  

And don't forget to print out the sheet to place all the stickers from the sets you purchase... buy six and get a free stamp set up to the value of $14.95.

2) Also, take a look at the page with the NEW wonderful Photopolymer stamps, just click on the Photopolymer page above.

Just Yappin' about Stampin and sharing with you some wonderful things that are available to you through the new catalog year.. enjoy!

Don't forget to contact me if you have questions or want to order any of these great sets.
Just Yappin' bout all the wonderful, superduper, specials that are available to you all through out the catalog year!