Friday, June 21, 2013

I have been on adventure that is new for me and my family....


I have been pretty much off the grid from stamping since the 31st of May.

DH and I traveled to CA on May 31st to welcome our first grandchild into the world.;
From Millan.Net
We had such great timing, which I knew was pretty "iffy" when we headed down.  Fortunately for us and unfortunately for my "DIL" she was uncomfortably overdue. We had a few days with the expentant parents before their sweet baby was born and few days after with new sweet fam.
New born in her Daddy's arms... this what this Grandma, ME, saw when I first walked in.... so sweet.  Mom was doing well....and I obviously weeped a few silent tears at her sheer beauty.

Ok. I must admit I brought along a few stampin' items with me to help pass the time in the hotel....

WHAT?  you say....Yes, really! we were there for over a week....Check out my next post to see the awesome cards and how really bad the pics I took. From Millan.Net are.