Thursday, July 31, 2014

Splatter Painted Peacock

As many of you may have read  ~~~  I am loving new Blendabilites alcohol markers and was really excited to try them out on this wonderful single stamp Perfect Peacock.

As I got to the last bit of coloring  this very intricate design one of the pens started "spitting" drops of ink on the paper.... argh.... what had I done wrong?   Did I put to much pressure that on the nib or did I hold it up right for too long so that ink welled in the nib and splattered when moved it away.... none of those options held up to may re-testing the pens.

So not really sure what the issue was but I went with the new "modern" concept and decided my frustration should be turned into something unexpected like the card below:

This card, in my opinion is too  crazy From Millan.Net busy with color. sequins and splatter but in the end I really liked how it turned out.  I hope you do to.

Simply Yappin' bout Stampin'

 photo sign.jpg