Sunday, March 2, 2014

I'm Back!

Hi Yappin’ Stampers! 
Since New Year’s I have heard, as you probably had as well, all “the new” you ads ~~~  you know the ones: “new you” new car, “new you” new gym, “new you” with Botox!

Well to me the “new you” was to post regularly on this blog, but and a BIG BUT, I got a new computer for Christmas and went with Google Chrome.  Google Chrome didn't play nice with Blogger and the navbar disappeared, which gave me no way to into the blog!   No way to update it and no way to do new posts, etc.

I have spent the last two months, sporadically, trying to find a way to fix it.   Nothing I found on the internet helped, argh! I would just give up with frustration, but I would try again as I couldn't let the whole situation get the best of me.

I kept, obsessively, trying not wanting to give up!  Then I had an epiphany! Maybe there were hidden cookies that I couldn't delete.  I tried to fix it on a different computer and Voila! It worked!

I am back to become the “new you of me” to post more often!
Thanks for listening about my journey to do more Yappin’ about Stampin'
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