Monday, August 13, 2012

Hi Friends....

I am sure it seems that I have, once again, been a slacker poster, but I have been
immersed in work, deep home cleaning and have been getting excited about new carpet throughout the house!

They will also be putting laminate in my STAMPIN' STUDIO..... Yahoo easy glitter clean up, they are installing it tomorrow.

But, let the stress begin.... they will get the laminate done tomorrow, but the next day is the full house carpet installation.... argh.... I never realized how much breakable stuff we have or stuff on the floor in closets, etc. They are going to move furniture for free which I couldn't believe.

My job seemed so simple.... until I looked around and thought "holy crap" how am I going to do all of that in one night even with the help of some family members?

I going to fill my counters, bath tubs, bathroom and laundry room and any other location off the floor I can find to put all that "stuff" where there is no carpet replacement, even while we still have to work all day.....

So with all this blah, blah info I just wanted to let you know that I won't be posting for about another week.  Then I will be sharing what we had done at our next club...

Thanks for letting just keeping yappin' on here about nothing about stampin'!